Vegball Sub 11

Garlic fennel vegballs, basil almond ricotta, and marinara.

Italian (Cold) 10

Haamm, salamee, GoodPlanet cheez, hots & sweets, lettuce, tomato,

onion, vegan mayo and italian dressing.

Oregon Grinder 10

Haamm, salamee, GoodPlanet cheez, hots & sweets, grilled onions,

lettuce, vegan mayo and italian dressing.

Cuban 11

Pulled jackfruit, haamm, salamee, GoodPlanet cheez, pickles and mustard.

Veggie Sando 9

Grilled veg, shrooms + onions, GoodPlanet cheez, lettuce, tomato, avocado, mustard, vegan mayo.

Bowl One 11

*Grilled baby bellas, braised greens, seasoned white beans, creamy avocado dressing, cucumbers, shaved radish, and hemp seeds on quinoa.

Bowl Two 11

*Steamed broccoli, grilled sweet potato and onions, seasoned white beans, basil almond ricotta and hemp seeds on quinoa.

Avocado Toast 5

Garlic bread, smashed avocado, hemp seeds.

Legumes + Grains 5

*Quinoa, seasoned white beans, hemp seeds, and shaved radish.

Braised Greens 3

*Seasonal hearty greens braised on the grill.


Per ball $1.5, Three balls $4.5, Half dozen $9, Dozen balls $16

Basil Almond Ricotta

Two ounces $2, Eight ounces $8


Quarter pound $3, Half pound $6, Full pound $11


Quarter pound $3, half pound $6, Full pound $11

Kettle/Pita Chips 1

Drinks 1

Sparkling Soda, Local Kombucha, Water

*Can be made with no gluten added. Dingers Deli is not a gluten free environment and does not have gluten free bread at this time. Dinger’s Deli makes all our meatz in house and purchases local and organic when possible.

Dingers Deli is a hate free, unbiased, no judgement, world loving approach to a plant based diet. We believe in reducing the carbon footprint, and we believe you do too! From our planet to yours, with love: Dingers Deli.­­

100% Plant Based 100% Love